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Estimated Shipping Cost

Estimated Shipping Cost

Be informed that the shipping price for the first 500 grams is expensive compared to the price of every 500 grams after.

Actual weight and Volumetric weight

Actual weight is the weight of the package while volumetric weight (Dimensional Weight) takes into consideration the dimensions of the package. The cost of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, thus volumetric weight is use rather than the actual weight. For example, if you order a tall vase, the volumetric package weight will be calculated based on the Length x Width x Height divided by 5000 ( Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000.)

This procedure is followed by all airlines and freight forwarding companies.

Prohibited and Restricted items

1. To ensure safety while shipping,airlines and freight forwarding companies do not ship prohibited, restricted and dangerous items to any destination. For more information, you can check our list of Prohibited and Restricted Items(link). Also note that some countries have additional restrictions, prohibitions, and acceptance processes for certain commodities. Please refer to the Customs Information page to check the prohibited/restricted items by country.

2. The goods which purchased in China must be in conformity with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, the state permits the import goods. Relevant laws and regulations as follows: The current published revised version of the People's Republic of China prohibited import and export goods from the People's Republic of China restrictions on import and export goods shall become effective as from 1st March 1993. The one released in 1st November 1987, which was the People's Republic of China General Administration of customs about issued a ban on, limiting import and export goods table announcement, is abolished at the same time.

People's Republic of China prohibitions of import and export item list

Prohibitions of import goods.

1. Various weapons, simulation weapons, ammunition and explosives.

2. Forged currency and forged securities

3. On China's politics, economy, culture, moral harmful print, film, Photographs, music, video, audio, video tapes and laser discs, computer storage medium and other items.

4. A variety of potent poisons.

5. Opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana and other addictive drugs and psychotropic drugs.

6. Animals, plants and their products with dangerous bacteria, pests and other harmful organisms.

7. Obstacle to human and animal health, as well as from infected areas could spread disease to other food, medicines or other items.

Prohibitions of export goods.

1. All the items included in the scope of the prohibition of entry.

2. The content involves the countries secret manuscripts, printed matter, films, photographs, music, video, audio, video tapes and laser discs, computer storage medium and other items.

3. Precious cultural relics and other prohibited style.

4. Endangered and rare animals, plants (including specimens) and their seeds, reproductive materials.

The list of People's Republic of China limits import and export item

Restrictions on imported articles

1. Radio transceiver and communication security machine.

2. Smoke, wine

3. Endangered and rare animals, plants (including specimens) and their seeds, reproductive materials.

4. National currency

5. Other customs limit import item.

Restrictions on export articles

1. Gold, silver, valuable metals and ornaments thereof.

2. National currency

3. Foreign currency and negotiable securities.

4. Radio transceiver and communication security machine.

5. Precious Chinese herbal medicines.

6. General cultural relics

7. Other articles restricted from exportation by Customs.

Any other item that we, at our discretion, believe to be potentially dangerous, hazardous, or illegal. Kindly make sure the goods you are going to send to our warehouse is not prohibited or restricted.

Suite number

This is the number to recognize and separate your goods from others which is extremely important. Without the suite number in your parcel, we will not be able to receive and submit your package(s).

Suite number and complete address should be written. We will not be responsible for any loss it might cause by missing address information.

Special or Sensitive Items

Our international shipping price is applied in general situations. If you buy special or sensitive items, the price list in the above table will no longer apply. Please contact us for more information.

What if my Country of Destination is not listed above?

You can shop anywhere in the world with our recommended shipping methods, e.g. DHL, EMS and FedEx. Please contact us if your Country is not in the list to quote the price.

Can I choose other Shipping Method?

We choose DHL, EMS & FedEx because of their quality service. They also offer discounts so you can benefit from lower shipping cost.

If you have preference in another shipping method, please let us know so we can make special arrangement for you.

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