We are here to make shipping from China easy for you. At ChineseAddress, you can be assured of a quality service at the lowest fee. We will assist you to get your products packed in the most protective possible way to make sure it gets to you in an excellent condition.

Whether you are buying for personal or business purpose, our service is designed to add value & to optimize your shopping experience.


With up to 90-day Free Storage, there's no need to rush! Add more orders and pay only for one shipping. You'll have more time shopping & save cost at the same time.


Pay us via Amazon Gift Card, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoins, Alipay, wechatpay or bank transfer. US shoppers can also pay by bank deposit in our US bank account.


Bubble wrap products for protection; remove unnecessary items like shoe-box & more! We will repack your orders with protection!

Quality Check

Worrying about damages and broken items to arrive at your home? Our Dedicated Team will check the quality of your orders, conforming to your specifications.

Combine orders

The first 500 grams charged by couriers is the most expensive. Combine multiple orders in a single package & save up to 70% in shipping cost!

Variety of shipping options

ChineseAddress allows its members the flexibility to choose their preferred carrier and method. Members can always choose the fastest or most affordable delivery, depending on their needs.

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